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Although many believe that martial arts and yoga belong in two completely different worlds, you’d be surprised to find how these two seemingly opposing disciplines can fuse together into one, harmonious unity. While one is focused mainly on combat practices and self-defence mechanisms, and the other mostly on physical, mental and spiritual exercises, with the goal to strengthen the body and the mind, the two are known to exist in a tight correlation with one another. Today, I’ll try to put the focus on the sole balance between these two noble practices, and ways to consolidate martial arts and yoga into one.

Both Require Clean Moves

You probably know someone who regularly works out and is a total sports enthusiast, but never seems to reach any effective results. How is this even possible? Well, for starters, it’s important to realize that any physical activity requires exceptional precision, proper form and clean moves. There’s no point in doing an exercise over and over again if you’re not doing it properly. This is especially important when it comes to yoga and martial arts. Both of these disciplines require a high-level of precision, and while it sometimes may look as if the exercises performed are somewhat simple, I assure you that achieving a specific position or mastering a certain move requires a great deal of dedication, effort and time. This is another interconnected aspect of these two practices, as both of them put the focus on hard work, dedication and effort in order to achieve your desired goals.

Learning Proper Breathing Techniques

Another commonly ignored, but nevertheless a crucial factor in martial arts and yoga practice is learning how to breathe properly. There’s a variety of breathing exercises that you can try in order to achieve a proper breathing pattern and accomplish better results. Martial arts are commonly linked to religious and spiritual practices, which is why they include breathing and relaxation techniques that help them foster self-consciousness and calmness, which benefit the practitioner on more than one level. In yoga, breathing exercises are believed to help cleanse the body, improve posture and help with focus and stress-relief.

Achieving the Perfect Balance

Achieving the perfect balance can be taken quite literally in terms of yoga and martial arts, as both of these techniques are strictly focused on aiding the practitioner to find balance within themselves. While both yoga and various of these combat exercises promote better stability, balance, flexibility and agility, it’s also important to realise that both of these disciplines also require you to be in a constant state of balance, even while in motion. This might seem a bit uncanny, but the sole goal is for the practitioner to remain in their centre of time and space, even if the dynamic of the movements is constantly changing.

The Bond between the Body and the Mind

Lastly, perhaps the most crucial correlation between combat practice and yoga is that they’re both spiritual and mental exercises. Practicing martial arts or yoga will not just make you physically stronger and more enduring, but it’ll also help you bolster your mental health. This is one of the most important lessons I have learned during my trainings and I would gladly recommend, for anyone looking to get acquainted with these two noble disciplines, to join me at Kung Fu Toa Studio, where we’re learning a combination of Persian martial arts and yoga.


While both of these practices have something special, they’re even more amazing when combined. Creating a mixture between these two seemingly different disciplines yields amazing results and I, for one, have never felt so strong, powerful and overall healthy.

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