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Yoga is an awesome way to stay physically active and rather beneficial to your mental health, too, but dedicating your life to yoga also means adopting several new habits. That is why yoga enthusiasts wear different clothes than other people, wake up earlier, prefer scented candles and listen to certain music that suits their new way of life. One of these things is breakfast and it is quite specific when you are a yogi. Here are some of the things to eat in the morning.

Green Smoothies – a Natural Choice

Smoothies are one of the wonders of the modern kitchen – they are so easy to make, tasty and refreshing. Also, they are quite healthy and positively affect your digestion and help you lose weight and build muscles. Moreover, they include all the things you love: fruits and vegetables, mints and herbs, nuts, berries and protein powder. All of these provide a yogi enough energy for the day.

When speaking of the best smoothies for yoga lovers, it seems that a simple green smoothie does the trick. This is a powerful combination of bananas, berries and spinach or kale – insert as many as you like in your food processor or kitchen blender and add some water and rice protein powder, and that is it! There are various kinds of green smoothies and it seems that everyone has a favorite mix, so try a few on your own and decide which one gives you the most energy in the morning.

Oatmeal for the Champions

Oatmeal is a meal that many people love and some have a tendency to eat it almost every day of the week. However, this is where a problem occurs: no matter how delicious and healthy oatmeal is – and it really is quite healthy eating it day after day gets really boring really fast. That is why you need to be extra creative and mix things up a little bit. Fortunately, making an inedible oatmeal is hard to do!

Before making your oatmeal breakfast, consider the recipes as there are many options to take into consideration! You can make oatmeal-based cream pies, porridge, chocolate chips, protein shakes, pies or pancakes – or you can just mix your oatmeal with your favorite fruit and nuts and leave it overnight. Every one of these options is a great way to start the day and will give a yoga enthusiast enough energy for a morning workout.

Vegetarian Style Breakfast

A lot of yogis are also vegetarians – they appreciate nature and Mother Earth in a completely new way, so accepting a vegetarian lifestyle is not at all unexpected. There has been a debate raging for years and many wonder do yogis absolutely have to be vegetarians, or can you be a yogi if you eat meat, and so on. But, the point is that lots of yogis prepare their food the same way vegetarians do.

Some of your vegetarian breakfast choices can include an apple fig salad: it is full of iron, calcium and phosphorus, yet has only 18 g of carbs per serving. Also, consider granola – this breakfast food perfectly combines nuts and oats with rice, but it also gives you an opportunity to add delicious items like chocolate and dried fruits. You can try various recipes, but be sure to avoid some of the mistakes most people make when preparing granola, such as baking it at the wrong temperature or adding improper mix-ins.

The Importance of a Good Breakfast

Breakfasts are important for everyone, but yogis are a special kind of people. They have to be active in the morning, which is why they need something to wake them up quickly. And there is nothing better than a proper breakfast to start another peaceful and calm day. In order to keep your breakfasts fresh even when you have to run out the door, check out ice chest cooler reviews and find the right one for you! 

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