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What if I told you that New Year’s resolutions are not the only resolutions you can make throughout the year? Shocking, right? There isn’t such thing as a fixed point in time to make your wishes come true and work on reaching your goals. So, instead of waiting for 1st January, 2017 – why not make some resolutions right now? Summer can be a perfect time for writing a new page in your life’s book.

Catch up with nature

People always say that they absolutely love and enjoy spending time in nature, but how many of us do really make the effort to visit the park or the woods in our free time? Two hours of TV shows and snacks are more likely. If you feel like you actually long for the peace and serenity of nature, make a move and go outside. The initial start is the hardest, but once you find yourself in picturesque surroundings with fresh summer air and greenery, your heart will definitely make a habit of these small but meaningful moments that can heal your mind.

Be healthier

Truthfully, your health doesn’t care the tiniest bit for the calendar. When you think about it, isn’t it really strange and irresponsible to put off taking care of your own health until the New Year? Make changes now, even if they are really small in the beginning. If you can’t give up smoking just yet, at least start thinking about it. But what you can definitely achieve is minimize the consumption of coffee, take additional vitamins and use the wonders of summer to fill your diet with delicious and healthy fruits and veggies.

Just do it

You probably spend a lot of your time contemplating better days, when you will finally read that book you want, or get back into your old hobbies. But it wasn’t wishful thinking that made the world change, was it? If you want to do something, do it without much thinking. No, there won’t be a better time in the future to read books, draw, paint, play an instrument, etc. Those future days will become the present at one point, which means that even you are aware that the best time to start doing things that make you happy and fulfilled is – now.

Get rid of the mess

According to principles of Feng Shui, the first step for clearing your mind and soul is to clear out your home. There’s no need to wait in order to de-clutter your home. Summer is the time of garage sales and you can get rid of everything that you don’t need fairly easily. Make a list of things that you haven’t used for a year, from clothing bits and pieces to cups, pots and forgotten curtains and table cloths. Then toss it all out, sell it, give it away, donate it, whatever you think is best as long as you’re free from the mess that drains your energy. Use this opportunity to freshen up your home and add new curtains and rugs, change up your pillows with new interesting pillow cases or give your bed a new look with some lovely Sheridan sheets, which, if I may add, I personally find an irreplaceable addition to my own bedroom.

Step out of your comfort zone

Summer is the season for fun and bright colors all around. This is the perfect opportunity to do something you’ve always wanted but never had the guts to. It might be the way you dress, or the parties you wish to attend or even calling up your friends whom you haven’t spoken to in a long time. Whatever makes you slightly uncomfortable but still finds the way to your unspoken desires is worth the risk. And don’t make weekdays an excuse, because weekends during the summer can become the best time of your life if you make that first move.

Stop thinking in “I wills” but concentrate on “I ams”. You are the one who makes the resolutions and make them happen, not the calendar. You can even have your own weekly Wednesday resolution if baby steps would make you feel more comfortable. Remember, nothing will change if you don’t try, and simply wait your wishes away.

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