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How Does the Environment You Practice in Influence Your Asanas


It really doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced yoga enthusiast, just a beginner, or even a yoga teacher – you probably realise the importance of your environment when it comes to a perfectly structured class. It can really influence your asanas more than you think, and if you would like to know how – stay with us. Here are five useful tips and tricks on how to improve your yoga class environment, so check them out!

Setting the class atmosphere

The class atmosphere is a key factor that leads to a successful yoga lesson, which is exactly why some teachers tell their students where to place their mats. This step inevitably leads to a more organised class, since students will have enough space to perform their asanas. However, some teachers may feel a bit uncomfortable to make such decisions, which can result in a chaotic class with a restless energy, and that’s not the goal of a well-structured yoga lesson.

Background music is always a good idea

Even though using background music is not a must when it comes to yoga classes, some teachers don’t mind incorporating it. Music can be a helpful tool to help students achieve much deeper levels of relaxation, which is always a good thing when it comes to yoga. Nature sounds may be the right choice, as well as soft instrumental music. These are more than appropriate for such a setting. Just make sure to keep the volume to a minimum!

Pros and cons of incense

Incense can be a double-edged sword, especially if the room where your yoga class takes place is really small. The smell will become too strong at one point, which may make you feel out of breath. Besides that, the room may fill with smoke, which is simply not a good option when it comes to a balanced yoga lesson. The best way to use incense is to burn it at least 30 minutes before the class. This way, all the smoke will be gone before the students arrive, which may contribute to a nice and relaxing overall atmosphere.

Make sure your yoga outfit is appropriate

This is particularly true if you’re a yoga teacher, since your outfit can play an immense role in the class atmosphere. A lot of bright colours and tons of jewellery are what you should avoid as much as possible, since they can be very distracting. Makeup is also what you should skip. A clean and simple look is what you should go for, since it’ll allow your students to focus and perform their asanas with much more success. The same goes for your room decoration – too many decorative items can also be distracting, so go for a minimalist design and you’ll see an instant improvement.

A peaceful environment reduces stress levels

Improving your physical environment in order for it to be much less stressful is crucial, not only when it comes to yoga classes, but in general. Reducing your stress levels is of the utmost importance, so learn how to do that and improve your overall health. Just five minutes of contact with nature can help you deal with stress more efficiently, so why wouldn’t you take your yoga class outdoors? Besides that, breathing properly is another useful method of calming down. You can always get the best air purifier for the room where you practice your asanas – trust us, you’ll feel much better when the air you breathe is healthy and purified!

As you can see, the environment you practice in can influence your asanas more than you think. When it comes to yoga, everything is about balance – between your body and mind, spirit and emotions, which is exactly why you need a balanced environment to practice yoga in. Once that’s done, you’ll undoubtedly feel much more peaceful!

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