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Just because you have passed a certain age does not mean that your life should stop. Turning 50 prevents many people from fully enjoying being alive, but there are tons of things they can do and a number of activities still waiting for them. If you want to live to a 100, here are some of the changes you should implement into your lifestyle.

Why Change Anything?

The change people experience the moment they blow their fiftieth birthday cake candles is more mental than physical. We think that our body is failing us, even though that is not the case. But, this has an upside – turning 50 makes us realize that it is high time we changed a few things in our daily schedule.

If you start being more active, switch to a healthier diet and try to relieve stress, you will increase the chances of living for three or four decades to come. Moreover, with an altered lifestyle, you are going to be happier and more satisfied, which is crucial for a long life. That is why the battle for a chance to become a centenarian starts today!

A New Diet

No matter how tempting sweets, fast food and soda drinks are, people over 50 should leave them in the past. A proper eating plan will give you more energy and trigger other benefits, both mental and physical. It boosts immunity, positively affects memory and minimizes the risk of diseases. Finally, it makes you more prepared to fight off all negativities surrounding you.

When thinking about how you should eat after 50, try to make your meals as healthy as possible and include all important food groups – fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, grains, nuts and seeds – in your daily menu. Ultimately, do not forget milk, yogurt and cheese in order to get enough calcium that prevents fractures and osteoporosis.

A New Activity

Even though you may not be as ready to play basketball as you used to be back in the day, you can find an alternative physical activity. One of those could be yoga – a wonderful way to keep your mind sharp and your body fit. You will be more flexible, your bones will become stronger and your menopausal discomfort minimized.

However, if yoga is not your cup of tea, do not worry – other physical activities can be performed at this age as well. Whether it is sports (some of the favorites are swimming, golf, tennis and biking) or a weekly visit to the gym, all you have to do is act carefully and try not to get hurt. Of course, having high quality fitness apparel – supportive training shoes, cotton shirts and comfortable shorts – is a great start.

Relieve Stress

Stress is one of the biggest threats to your body, hurting your mind, memory and endurance, and its effects are even more serious once you turn 50. Living in a stressful environment means that your cardiovascular system suffers, you start gaining weight and your immune system deteriorates.

That is why you should explore ways to reduce stress and lead a more peaceful life. You can rely on your friends and family to help you, spend some time alone reading or doing crossword puzzles, start power-walking, get enough sleep and make certain you meditate on a regular basis.

 Live to a Hundred – and then Some!

Making changes to your lifestyle can be hard at first and not everyone is a fan of introducing new activities after 50. However, if you manage to prevent stress, alternate your diet and exercise, you will certainly earn a chance to light a hundred candles on your birthday cake.


  1. Aika says:

    Great tips! Age is just a number. It shouldn’t stop us from doing the things that we love, exploring new things, and discovering a new passion. Nurturing your mind and leading a healthy lifestyle is the key to aging gracefully.

  2. This is a very useful and interesting post on why it is never too late to move towards being healthier, happier and achieve overall wellness. Thank you for sharing.

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