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How Yoga Can Help You Battle Back Pain

Weight Training and Yoga: Strange bedfellows and valuable allies

The tumultuous lifestyle of today surrounds us with numerous stress-inducers, petty distractions and a ton of daily obligations. When we have our back pressed against the wall we can turn to the remedies that have been around for ages. An increasing number of people use the ancient relaxation techniques of yoga to melt the stress away, make a positive change in life, and reap physical benefits.

The meditative side of yoga helps in establishing inner stability and peace, but it is not just for those on a great spiritual quest. Fitness centers worldwide embrace yoga and include it in their everyday curriculum. In combination with other exercise, like weight training, it can support one’s efforts to boost overall strength, agility and endurance, and lead to a much healthier life.


Opposing forces

Agonist and antagonist muscles are two different groups tied to the movement of our body. Weak antagonist muscles, for example, impede coordination and flexibility, undermining your attempts to maximize physical performance. Those doing pull ups may feel discomfort because the muscles in their lats and chest are fighting each other. On the other hand, flexible antagonist muscles enable you to make the communication between muscles and the brain smother. With the blessings of yoga, muscles become more responsive and react more quickly to nerve signals.

Wise men

Hence, when you hit a wall, it is time to take a step back and summon the wisdom of the yogis. A weight lifter might never achieve their sublime flexibility, but can ensure the proper development of the body. Yoga practice improves reflexes, and allows us to adjust to new challenges and sudden changes. Furthermore, it can lower the risk of injury when complemented with a workout such as dead lifts. On top of it all, people who practice breathing techniques feel more relaxed during the exercise and are able to repel negative associations and aggressiveness.


Weight training is an intensive activity that puts a lot of strain on the muscles. They do not grow during the workout, but after we are finished with it. That is why the recovery period is essential. Yoga is great for post-workout restoration which involves slow, soothing moves. This does miracles for the back, arms and shoulders of a weightlifter, helping him rejuvenate and recharge his batteries. It seems that the days of irritating pain and little aches are numbered, as yoga reduces chronic inflammation. At least, when problems do occur, you will be aware of them, and reduce the intensity of muscle contractions if needed.

A fitness endeavor

When you release the tension you have put on your muscles and brain, switching to top gear comes only naturally. To sustain momentum, however, endorse a holistic approach to training, one that includes all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Pay attention to the proper techniques and follow proven tips for home yoga practice. What is more, do not overlook the importance of nutrition, which is a driving force behind physical activities. Finally, make sure you have the right sports gear. Today we can visit a local retail or use the convenience of shopping in online stores such as Ryder. Now that you have everything you need for the endeavor, it is time to become fit as a fiddle.

Carry your weight

Some people overlook the fact that yoga brings about the positive transformation of individuals, both mentally and physically. By building a solid inner sanctuary, you are also able to stay in tune with your body, hear its signals and get to know its peculiarities. So, incorporate yoga into weightlifting routines both as a pre and a post-workout exercise. When traditions meet workout science, great things happen. Immerse in fluid body motions and the art of the physical at its best. Weight training will never be the same, and rock solid results with soon follow.

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