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Yoga and Diabetes – Where’s the Connection?


We are all aware how wide diabetes has spread and are not foreign to the potential impact it can have on one’s body. The condition is irrespective of genetic history, place of birth and age, and it can happen to anybody. Diabetes occurs due to the low production of insulin (a hormone that regulates blood sugar level) in the body or lack of blood cell response to the insulin produced.

However, the condition can be treated with a little care and awareness, so there’s nothing to fret. Some of the cornerstones of controlling the body’s blood sugar levels are eating right and exercising regularly. Being an ancient technique that incorporates mental, physical and spiritual practices, yoga can help with effectively controlling blood sugar levels. Here’s how yoga can help diabetics in treating their illness.

#1- Yoga Helps You with Accepting the Condition

Yes, it is a health condition, but it’s not a death sentence. On the other hand, it is a fact that we don’t and cannot know certain things unless we go through them ourselves. People can have different misconstrued notions about diabetes (especially Type 2 diabetes). We guess how it would be if we’d gotten ill and simply paint an ugly picture along with those thoughts. However, yoga helps with uplifting one’s spirit and helps one turn to a more positive state of mind. It helps people keep their minds open about diabetes (and other conditions as well), accept it and not allow it to stress them out on a daily basis. Stress can make things appear worse than they are, and one of the keys of diabetes treatment is managing stress the right way.

#2 – Increase Your Awareness

We should all be thinking about the things we choose to put into our bodies. The truth is, we often remember to do it only when we get ill. With awareness, you’ll start paying more attention to moods and energy levels after eating particular foods, and not obsess over calories. Also, yoga can help you keep your reactions and emotions in check.

#3 – Appreciate Your Past Efforts

Even if you knew that you’ll get Type 2 Diabetes at some point in your life, because it runs in the family, don’t persuade yourself that you can avoid it through a healthy lifestyle. Appreciate what you’ve done so far and focus on the things you need to continue doing. Yoga can help you with the “maybe I could’ve done more” thoughts, and help you create the mental fortitude you need to continue living a balanced life.

#4 – Regular Physical Exercise

A regular exercise regimen helps your body start responding to insulin. It can lower blood glucose and sometimes reduce the medication dosage required. By practicing yoga, you can improve your blood circulation (especially in the limbs). The condition can partly be due to a lack of physical activity, so physical exercises are the best way for older patients to treat it. There are different yoga poses that can help you with treating diabetes, so grab your yoga mat and try them out.

#5 – Eating Right

Yoga promotes yogic nutrition, because if you want to practice like a yogi, you have to eat like one. Eating raw food, good fats, herbs and alkaline food is what helps keeping the mind-body balance. Also, what you eat as well as how much can actually be responsible for diabetes. You should eat at least three meals a day (with two snacks throughout the day), avoid skipping meals and have them at about the same time each day. Watch out for your carbohydrate intake and add some protein shakes to your meal plan. Whey and rice protein powder can be used by diabetics and help them gain better control over blood sugar levels. Before taking any of them, you should talk to your doctor.

Stress can be a major cause of diabetes, while the condition can get worse when patients begin to stress about it. It can further aggravate the problem, so adding a few minutes of meditation practice each day can be a great stress-relief for the body and mind. Gain the strength to fight and restore your confidence through yoga and meditation.

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