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The Body and Mind Are One: A Training in Mindfulness


Within a healthy body resides a healthy mind. The age old adage holds true to this very day, perhaps even more than ever before in the modern, hectic world. Through the practice of Yoga, its asanas, breathing techniques, and meditation, the mind-body healing process can truly come to life, as Yoga is both meant to strengthen the body, and relieve the mind of stress and various burdens.

However, more often than not, the mind-body connection is an elusive concept to teachers and yogis alike. But the truth is that through the practice of Yoga, the mind and the body are in constant communication, influencing each other in helping You reach your true potential in terms of physical and mental health. Let’s journey into an exercise of mindfulness, and explain how the mind and the body are one.

How the mind affects the body

It should come as no surprise that our minds always influence our physical actions, how well we perform, how fast we progress, and how often we get injured. As a simple exercise, try to relive the way you feel when you’re stressed, grumpy, or tired. Not only do you stop believing in your ability to perform a certain pose, you will most likely get it all wrong as well.

Don’t worry, it’s only normal. Through this realisation, you are able to better understand your emotions and control them even before walking into the studio, even before you get the chance to experience the serene feeling washing over your as you start to do your Sun Salutations.

Walking into the studio with a positive mindset is important, but not imperative. What is imperative, is that you accept that your emotional and psychological states can have a profound impact on every area of your life. And that is where Yoga comes in.

By starting with your stretches and working your way into the first asana, the body and the mind are beginning to reopen their channels of communication, finally becoming one after a long, hard day of being torn apart. In Yoga, experiencing a break in the mind-body connection becomes the hard part, as one always needs the other to heal, and become complete.

How the body affects the mind

If the mind is able to influence your physical well-being and performance, then the body is able to safeguard and improve your mental health just the same. As any avid practitioner would testify, the process of stretching yourself through a light warm-up and transitioning into your first set of poses serves as an “opener”; a state in which your body releases the tension from the cramped up muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments, alleviating the pressure from the body, letting it breathe.

The increased blood flow and the ability to breathe through your entire body allows the brain to receive oxygen, blood, and vital nutrients that will allow it to finally wake up. However, a healthy body does not only depend on a regular Yoga routine, but also on a balanced diet.


Pairing up your Yoga lifestyle with a healthy meal plan is imperative if you want to bring your mind and body together. Make sure you follow a structured diet plan and refrain from reaching towards unhealthy snacks by find a reputable chemist online where you can obtain organic, healthy food supplements.

With your nutrition in check, you can safely tackle you next session, taking solace in the fact that your body is supplied with the right nutrients to support a healthy training routine that will in turn safeguard your emotional and psychological health.

In conclusion

Contrary to popular belief, the mind-body connection is not something you should constantly strive to achieve – because it is always present. Without it, Yoga and its philosophies wouldn’t exist. Be sure to put these words into practice, and allow yourself to experience true oneness the next time you unroll your Yoga mat.

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