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Physical, mental, and spiritual wellness represents the trinity on which one’s overall health and wellbeing depends. Today, people largely focus on the physical factor, trying to battle the aging process by eating organic foods, staying fit, and keeping their appearance attractive. With this much focus on the physical and regular daily obligations, there’s not much time left for taking care of the spiritual and mental.

The mind, body, and spirit connection

If we perceive ourselves as a union of mind, body, and spirit, we should understand that these three function as one team. It helps us overcome challenges, manage our lives, and achieve results that we may have thought impossible.

The father of western medicine, Hippocrates, emphasized the importance of the interconnectedness of these three elements in the healing process. However, modern society started looking at health through the eyes of western medicine, which shifted toward treating diseases without considering the lifestyle or psychosomatic causes of the disease already manifested.

This began to change again in the 20th century, and today we are noticing a shift back to a more holistic thinking when addressing illness. We can say that we’re fortunate to live at a point in history where the majority accepts the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit. These aspects are inseparable, and should always be regarded together.

How to achieve balance?

The practice of yoga has been promoting the mind, body, and spirit connectedness for centuries. It has various benefits, from physical strength and flexibility to mental clarity and an overall feeling of positive energy. A true yogi is a balanced yogi. Besides yoga, you can enhance the benefits in many different ways.

Sleep enough. Sleep deprivation is modern man’s illness, and people even boast about how long they can go through the day with a minimum amount of sleep. However, this can have consequences in the long run, and can make you irritable, depressed and chronically tired, disturb your hormonal balance, decrease your sex drive, and weaken your immunity. Sleep allows our muscles and mind to repair and heal, and it’s the most vital part of our day.

Exercise regularly. Whether it’s a mild or hard training routine, every brisk walk you take ads up to your health and balance. This is another important factor in maintaining overall wellness which acts as an outlet for mental unwinding and relaxing. Take walks, ride a bike, go swimming or rock climbing, and hit the gym for a high-intensity interval training. In recent years, longboards have gained much popularity, because it’s fun and improves flexibility, strength, and balance. Get yourself the right skateboard accessories to go with your board, and cruise away.

Eat nutrient-dense foods. These foods are the best possible fuel for your body, because they provide the most nutrients, but don’t cost you much in terms of calories. In other words, you get a concentrated amount of minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, fiber, phytonutrients, and other valuable nutrients.

Meditation. It has the same purpose as yoga, and these two are actually complementary practices. It is practiced for the experience of the union of mind, body, and spirit. In a state of meditation, the mind is present and clear, the body is relaxed, and you go beyond your mind’s busy traffic of thought into the silence of pure awareness. There are various guides to meditation, but the point is to find at least 20 minutes a day to practice it, to get rid of your thoughts by becoming aware and letting them go, and returning to the silent space beyond.

In the end, the best thing to do is to do what you like. By this we mean that you should try doing more of what drives you and what you love, among the many duties you may have. When you’re passionate about something, you’ll have fun doing it and will do it well. It will help you feel more confident in yourself, and help you get a strong, balanced mindset for achieving better results and becoming the person you want to be.

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  1. fitoru says:

    this article is fantastic..I have been a fan of meditation and yoga for ages. It helps one relax and it really helps a lot to revive energy..

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