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Latvian Yoga brands Top 4


When you are doing yoga you want not only to feel good but also to look good.  Latvian yoga girls and boys are really lucky; we have 4 really great yoga brands that provide us with the greatest yoga clothes.


PranaLine provides not only comfy clothes for yoga both for male and female but also have Pranamat Acupressure Mat that increases feeling of well being throughout the body. Although Pranamat ECO has been created to rejuvenate and relax the mind and body, it can be used for yoga practice as well as therapy. You will be able to enhance your yoga practice, meditate more deeply and reach higher levels of calm and relaxation when performing asanas on the Pranamat ECO massage mat.

PranaLine clothes are created for maximum comfort of movement during fitness and yoga practice. Beautiful design and harmonious makes it a desired outfit for your free time at home or outdoors.
Stretchy fabric allows for broad scope of movement. Perfect for fitness, qigong and other activities. Suitable for inverted yoga positions. Comfortable outfit for long walks, lifestyle and recreation. All clothes are made for comfort in any positions.

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Sportswear for women and girls with the TILLY trademark has been manufactured since 2011 by the family – owned enterprise SIA “Tilly“, which is owned by Baiba Laizāne and Andris Antonovs.

TILLY  offers clothing for tennis,  volleyball, running and leisure time activities. Upon the client’s request, sports uniforms and warm-up clothing are also manufactured for other types of sports.

A very essential factor is the price that should be available to the average customer. The price of TILLY goods is approximately half the price of internationally recognized brands.

It is interesting to note that the TILLY business project received first place in Latvia in the competition «Mammu bizness» (Mums’ business) organised by the popular magazine for mums “Mans Mazais” (My Little One). TILLY was created at a time when Baiba expected her son, and that made all of the business even more challenging!

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MUTA project is a co-project of visual arts two representatives of Paula Pelse and Klavs Loris. The project was established in August 2014, although the origin dates back to a series of large format paintings which were created as a mutation from one to another. This is where the name MUTA was born – it explains and reflects the processes of art, music and nature in which every new beginning starts from the previous as everything develops and mutates. It’s a magic and cosmic feeling.

MUTA project is like a reflection of art and nature – each work and clothing graphics is inspired by private photos taken in travels all around the globe and Latvia. The works of art printed on shirts present images of Australia’s rainforests, Portugal’s coast, African deserts and Sicilian volcano, as well as the still mysterious forests and waters in Latvia.

Image of "BREATHE" tank top Sportswear Casual wear

MUTA clothes for women is made for active living or casual wear. Nature, air, movement, art — it is all reflected in the new collection to make the wearer free and inspired. And be closer to the nature.

Image of FITNESS / YOGA leggings "STARS"


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The idea behind the ZIB* brand is to add a little bit of art to everyday apparel. ZIB* offers comfortable and original jersey clothing as well as bright accessories. Every garment is hand made in our workshop in Riga, Latvia. All ZIB* prints are based on our drawings and paintings, therefore each item is unique and different by its color tone or paint drops on the fabric.

ZIB* SPORT collection is unique in that professional athletes was involved in the creation who helped to test the fabrics and finished product. Sports clothing require high performance and multiple, often contradicting functionality, for example, protect against wind and cold, yet remain breathable. Clothing has to be light and comfortable, yet sturdy and long lasting.  ZIB uses the fabrics made from recycled PET bottles, that makes their clothes special.

ZIB* SPORT sportswear collection fuses the energy of joyful and radiant colors to inspire movement and active lifestyle. From invigorating morning yoga to intensive workout at the gym. Saturated colors and geometric patterns will boost your energy levels, lift your spirits and inspire to reach new goals.

Shop for ZIB here:

Kristine Somere
Kristine Somere
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